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Off Grid & Home Energy Electricity Storage systems

How to get the best from your PV SOLAR systems by combining ENERGY STORAGE systems from JTM Power

Self-consumption and home energy storage

Self-consumptionElectrical power generated by the sun and/or wind, and actual power consumption never match. The result is feedback of power into the grid when excess power is generated, and power needed from the grid when power generation is insufficient.

As more solar and wind power comes on line, it becomes increasingly difficult, and expensive, to ensure stability of the grid. Intermediate energy storage is therefore rapidly becoming an essential tool to keep power fluctuations on the grid within manageable limits. Moreover, as feed-in tariffs are decreasing, the business case for a home energy storage system that increases self-consumption becomes more solid every day.

Intermediate energy storage increases self-consumption of harvested solar and/or wind power. The natural next step is 100% self consumption and independence from the grid.


Night Time

During the night the system will disconnect from the grid and the home is powered from energy stored in the battery. The system will reconnect the Grid when the battery is discharged.

Battery  charging

The next day, when the PV array produces sufficient power to supply the loads and start charging the system will regulate the charge current to absorb nearly 100% of the surplus PV power

Discharging during the day

When PV output is reduced by clouds or when a power hungry load is switched on , resulting in no surplus PV power available , battery charging will stop. Insufficient PV power will be supplemented by the electricity stored in the system. In case of overload, power will be imported from the grid to supplement the electricity stored in the batteries(Grid assistance function which prevents shut down due to overload)

Battery fully charged

Once the battery is fully charged , additional loads for example water heater can be switched on , or surplus power can be exported to the grid

At the end of the day

The system disconnects from the grid about 10 minutes after PV power has become insufficient to provide any charge current. In order  to prevent false disconnections due to lack of sun during the day , the inverter / charger also uses an internal timer to predict the end of day

UPS Function

When the grid fails, the system will continue to power the home from electricity stored in the batteries.

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