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JTM Power - The Energy Specialists

Off Grid Power Solutions

JTM Power offer the most flexible and configurable hybrid power generation systems on the market today.

What is a hybrid power system?

In hybrid power systems, a number of electricity production and battery storage elements are combined to meet the energy demand were no main grid connections are available or reliability is an issuse.

In addition to Photovoltaic panels systems, engine generators, wind generators, small hydro plants, other source of electrical energy can be added as needed to meet the energy demand in a way that fits in with the local geography and other specifics.

Hybrid systems are ideal for applications such as remote communication stations, off grid homes, remote villages or pop-up locations.


The use of renewable power generation systems reduces the use of expensive fuels, allows for the cleaner generation of electrical power reducing  C02 emissions and also improves the standard of living for many people in remote areas.

Hybrid systems reduce reliance on fossil fuels, which creates pollution and is costly to transport.

Drop us an email with an outline of your project and we will do the rest.

What is a hybrid power system ?

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