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ECO multi 24/3000/70-50
ECO multi 24/3000/70-50

ECO multi 24/3000/70-50

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Victron ECOMulti

This is a compact, single box solution which contains a 3kva inverter. This contains a 50A transfer relay and connects inline between your grid suppy and your PV inverter + protected loads.

The main advantage of this is its simple installation and simple operation. However while compact and easy to install...there are no limits in its functionality.

Its main operation is to charge its internal battery from surplus power from the PV system during the day. At night, the ECOMulti disconnects from the grid and runs from battery. If the power requirements is too high, or the battery runs low, then it reconnects to the grid.


Whenever PV output exceeds consumption ,storing excess output for use later will increase self-consumption a 2.3kWh storage battery is an efficient solution for a two person energy conscious houshold.

Additional battery modules can be added example Four person home 5kW -10kW and so on


Batteries not included

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