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JTM Power - The Energy Specialists
Res Q Pac 3 (12/24 Volt 7000 Peak Amps)

Res Q Pac 3 (12/24 Volt 7000 Peak Amps)


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Never Let Your Farm, Job Site Or Construction 
Vehicles Get Stranded Without Power Again!

You'll Save Time, Money and Frustration By Always Keeping Your Vehicles In Action With A Res Q Pac 3 !

The Res Q Pac jump starter is a "One size fits all" solution. Massive cranking power 7000 peak amps in a hand portable unit means no vehicle is ever stranded in any location.

It is a hand portable jump starter capable of starting all bus and truck models, agricultural equipment, quarry and plant machinery.

We also have available a selection of hand trolleys for carrying the unit when in use in the workshop. 

Res Q Pac 3 12/24 Volt Jump Pack features
  • Aviation specification battery technology 7000 Peak Amps starting power
  • Unique switching technology doubles power for 12 volt starts
  • Super tough powder coated steel casing and protected front panel
  • Patented commercial grade booster pack 12v/24v power control switch 
  • Internal surge and spike suppression to protect your vehicles electronics
  • Ultra-flexible 35mm, detachable, 2 meter long tangle free cables with reverse polarity indicater and with high capacity 500 Amp clamps
  • Microprocessor controlled 4 amp multistage charger for fast, accurate charging
  • Thermal Fuses on Charge system
  • Battery condition indicator
  • Battery test button on front panel

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